Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dave and Liv

Sorry for the lapse in posting of late folks, but rest assured many a post are coming your way! It’s sad to say that our two apprentice roasters are leaving our café. After spending more then two years each in Dublin they have decided its time to go home. When the Swedes joined the roasting/ retail counter they had only a gleam in there eye and a passion for the black stuff. They took to the game with great speed, and it was apparent that they both had great palates and soon developed vocabularies to talk about our coffees. They quickly adapted to the roasting process and both pulled very consistent roasts off our little 5 kilo. Dave is going to try and crack the scene in Coppenhaggen so keep an eye on this young man as he makes his mark within the industry. We wish him all the best and believe his passion for coffee will set the path for his career.

Liv on the other hand, is heading to Austria to work for a ski season. She has told us that she will keep her options open and decide what she wants to do when she gets back to Sweden. Again we wish her the best and are sure that with her organization skills and reliability she will succeed in what ever she puts her mind too. We will miss you both, make sure you keep in touch and let us know what your both up too. Good luck!