Friday, October 13, 2006

Barista Profile: Rachael Coss

The first barista we've chosen to profile on the site, is one of the most experienced and skilled in the cafe, Rachael Coss. Born here in Dublin, she has worked here since the cafe first re-opened in June 2005 and over time has gained a reputation for being incredibly consistent and reliable. I've never seen her pour anything other than perfect latte art, and she's particularly fast when the bar gets slammed. Rachael works in the front bar of the building, more commonly known as Bewley's Cafe. The bar runs a take away service as well as a sit in and boasts two three group machines; one La Marzocco fb70, and a brand new Dalla Corte just installed this week. The bar is open from 7am to around 10 am, and has at least three to four baristas on at all times. We devised a short quiz for each of the barista's to put in their profiles; How long have you worked in the cafe? Since it reopened in June 2005. What do you like about working in the cafe? I love the people I work with and the laugh we have behind the bar. Its cool when it gets real busy and you have to slam the drinks out as fast you can, but still making sure they're good. What is your favourite drink to make? Cappuccino What is your favourite drink to drink? I'm still a latte girl, but I always use a double shot. I drink macchiato's now and again too. Whats the most annoying customer complaint you've heard? It bothers me when they say their cappuccino isn't a cappuccino just because it doesn't resemble a meringue covered with chocolate. Rosetta or Heart? Defintely rosetta What person quality or skill do you bring to the bar? I dunno, I laugh a lot and I guess I can be quite sarcastic. I think I'm quite fast when I need to be,,..I dunno Filter or espresso? Espresso What origin country would you most like to visit and why? Brazil I think,.. not sure why,... it just looks amazing in any pictures I've seen, and I'd love to visit a farm. I'd say its brilliant. Out of ten, how much do you love coffee? 10 (giggles)


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