Saturday, October 21, 2006

Barista Profile: Bela Zudor

Just back from competing in the Hungarian National Barista Competition, our next barista on the site is Bela Zudor. Like Rachael, Bela has also worked in the cafe since it re opened over a year ago. He was first considered to be a man of very few words, but not due to any difficulty with the English language. However, once the baristas behind the bar got used to the constant fast pace, they relaxed, and Bela's dark sense of humour emerged. If you listen carefully you'll hear Bela make small comments out of the corner of his mouth now and again. He doesn't seem to care if no one hears him, but instead seems quite happy smiling to himself at his own humour. Regards his capabilities behind the bar, and his work ethic, Bela is simply a machine. He seems to work more shifts than anyone else and never shows any time of weariness. He was the first to really get a name for his latte art in the building and has a style of rosetta that no one else seems quite able to replicate. Latte art's importance in speciality coffee is often over prioritised, but in cases like Bela, it is an area of the craft where baristas can show their own individual styles for the customers eyes. And now for the questionnaire. How long have you worked in the cafe? Ever since they re-opened. What do you like about working in the cafe? When the right people are behind the bar, we always have a lot of fun. (Bela would not say who the right people were) What is your favourite drink to make? Cappuccino What is your favourite drink to drink? Guinness,.. isn't that a suprise? What is the most annoying customer question/comment you've heard? I hate it when they get a proper drink, and I mean a perfect one,..and then they go and complain its cold!!!! Rosetta or Heart? It has to be a rosetta. (Doubles on Sundays) What personal quality or skill do you bring to the bar? I can stay calm when its getting really busy, which I guess is not a bad thing. Out of 10, how much do you love coffee? I'm only tasting coffee at the moment, but regards makingm, 10. Filter or espresso? Espresso (Doubles) What origin country would you most like to visit and why? Australia, because it'd be interesting see them at this early stage in their growing industry.


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